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Kuvings B1700


Kuvings B1700 extractor machine, original low-cycle cold extractor Large 76 mm fruit compartment with slow compression technology Allowing you to eat fruit juices more efficiently Because of the low cold extraction Will not cause heat In the production process Make the juice that you get Tastes good Not losing vitamins and M size, important substances in vegetables and fruits.

The Kuvings low-speed cold extractor has a compact, beautiful shape design. Which will help you save space The counter has been greatly improved. And the cold-pressed jar is translucent, allowing you to see both apples and extracted fruits Low-speed cold extractors Kuvings make fruit juice easy. The taste and nutrients are complete. Without having to add any additives Easily cleans the residue in the juice filter. Just put in the brush to clean and rotate. Just this, the filter sieve is clean. Lid designed specifically to prevent leaks while pouring fruit juice into glass. There is no problem that will definitely irritate the user. There is a safety sensor system. The Kuvings have a sensor in the extraction bowl when the extraction bowl is not assembled properly. The machine will not work. Slow revolutions Resulting in low motor noise And less vibration

  • Low-cycle juicer, without damaging vitamins and M size
  • Fruit compartment, 76 mm wide
  • Patented technology (J.M.C.S)
  • Compact design to save kitchen space
  • Get fresh fruit juice without additional additives
  • Smart Cap for juice collection and protection against spills and drops
  • Locking system for user safety
  • Working in squeezing quiet and light

14,900 THB 9,900 THB