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kuvings CS600 Commercial Type

Cold press juicer kuvings CS600

The Kuvings CS600 cold-press juicer has a beautiful, modern appearance, convenient and quick use. The powerful 240-watt motor with large fruit compartments makes it easier and faster.

Comes with unique technology that will allow you to taste vegetable juice And fruits with finely ground Instead of the blade This patented technology is unique for the whole world.

Removing and cleaning is easy and hassle. Fruit juices are fresh, clean and get more water than general machines. By squeezing 60 juices per minute does not cause heat, the vitamin is completely

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Chef (CS600)Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Chef (CS600)_Brand New Model : Story of my own juice bar

Lasts longer with a Commercial Type Slow Juicer CS600 juicer.

Easier to use even though parts have been developed To be much more effective than before But this model has a working structure Easier to control and clean with assembly forms. And various directions of the machine

With Juice Cap to prevent drip Fruit and vegetable juices can be squeezed and mixed from within the bowl. The Bowl has a water level gauge (500ml.). Bowl can be removed from the motor more easily by lifting straight.

The motor has a vent. 2 times lower speed than before, resulting in fresh fruit juices And has more flavor (Due to the higher juicing rate For controlling the fruit pulp vent to be suitable for the fruit category)

Save more with screws double-bladed The juicing screws of this second generation Kuvings Juice Chef CS600 operate with double-bladed Which can produce more fruit juice Dried food waste And no more food left in the machine

Suitable for commercial use it can be opened continuously for 24 hours

The Kuvings CS600 has a slim design that saves space on the counter or in the kitchen. In addition, the translucent body helps to see both the extracted fruits and vegetables.
The screw head has been patented by J.M.C.S helping to balance the extraction of fruit pulp and fruit juice by reducing the layers to be able to produce fresh and fresh juices.
Smart Cap prevents leaks while pouring the juice into the glass. Allows more than two ingredients to blend together to create a richer and versatile juice.
The safety lock system has a safety design that can be used only if the main base and body are assembled correctly.
With a low system noise design Equipped with a motor that reduces slow rotation speed, the Kuvings CS600 produces less noise and vibration.
You can easily clean the stains in the water mixing head by simply rotating the cleaning brush with the juice extractor and twisting it into each other.


Benefits of kuvings CS600 cold pressed juicer

1) Benefits of low speed extraction at only 60 rpm

– Helps to maintain vitamins And juices in juices: juices from Smart Cap Slow Juicer have more vitamins, nutrients than juices from Juicer Other models with high cycle and grinding by heat extraction The water that is full of vitamins from the machine can be used to Detox, lose weight, nourish the eyes, make the skin / hair beautiful, and repair the wear and tear in the body more efficiently.

– Fruit and vegetable juices that are extracted from the machine will not separate layers: because of the low squeezing, there is no heat that causes Oxidation unlike other models that are grinded with heat. And will have a dark, bright color similar to when slicing meat, vegetables, and fruits Resulting in juicing vegetables and fruits that are not only rich in vitamins But colorful, beautiful, and refreshing to drink

– Dehydrating residue: shows the ability to efficiently eject water from the waste. Resulting in not wasting squeezed fruits and vegetables

2) Benefits of vegetable-fruit juice separation

The body absorbs fruit and vegetable juices quickly. And more effective than eating it as a ball to make vegetable-fruit juice Combine the flavor by adding vegetables and fruits to the desired proportion (such as banana-strawberry, banana-apple, Etc.). Can make vegetable-fruit juice as smoothie ice cream: by adding vegetables-fruits. The wood has been frozen until then mixed with milk.

3) Highlights of the material / machine system

-Motor quiet and high efficiency: Motor noise is only 40-50 Db (compare with normal low speed extractor as 60 Db) and high speed extractor at 80-95 Db.

The plastic is Bpa-Free: the plastic material of the machine that is compatible with all vegetables and fruits is Bpa-Free. Consumers can be assured that there are no chemicals. Bpa penetrates into fruit and vegetable juices.
There is a 2-layer security system: the machine will not juicer if the assembly is not good or the motor temperature is too hot. Ultem material: “filter sieve” and “juicing spiral” are made of Ultem material which is Eco-Friendly material. Same as those used on the NASA spacecraft. This is the new innovation of the cold-pressed kuvings CS600.

Cold press juicer kuvings CS600

Power: 200 watts
Fruit juice storage jar up to: 500 milligrams
Cold press juicer Low cycle: 60 rev / min
Whole machine weight: 9.1 kg
Size Width 260 mm. / Length: 183 mm. / Heigth: 515 mm.
Made in the country: Korea
Fruit compartment, 3.5 inches wide (88 mm)
Can be used continuously 1440 minutes (maximum 24 hours)

55,000 THB 48,500 THB