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Kuvings EVO820(NS-1226)


Kuvings cold pressed extractors from Korea. There is no stagnation that has been developed in the cold press juicer. The kuvings still meet the needs of customers who love to drink fruit juices and always love your health.

เครื่องสกัดเย็นน้ำผลไม้ Kuvings EVO820

New Kuvings NS-1226 or EVO-820 cold press extractors

Top set, 5th generation

New The 5th generation set top set has a convenient compartment for food and a safe lid to prevent leakage. With the original technology of Kuvings currently in use

Easy and convenient to hold

– When considering the convenience of users, the NS-1226 has been designed to be easy to hold.

– Designed for easy maintenance The device is smaller and can be used in a narrow and limited space.

Dual safety lock system

Work more safely by installing a double safety lock. The machine will work. When assembling all parts such as tank covers and screws together

Ultimate lid

– Helps to mix various ingredients In order to be the most delicious juice

– quickly pour water out

Powerful motor

– is an important part in home use The motor is therefore designed to be of the highest quality and most stable.

– 240 Watt motor that is durable and works quietly

Lid for vegetables and fruits, O-shaped

– New style with lid for vegetables and fruits Wider than general models Very easy to put vegetables and fruits in and flow directly into the screw.

– Lid for vegetables and fruits Designed to protect The child’s hand goes into a pipe to put vegetables and fruits and has a standardized design, convenient and safe to use for everyone.

Fruit and vegetable compartment 82 mm.

– Compartments for vegetables and fruits, 82 mm. Wider than other models Large, quick and easy ingredients can be added.

– No need to cut vegetables and fruits to waste time

Upgrade to the 5th generation blender

– Blender jar generation 5 Helps increase durability and pressure By changing the structure and the combination of water filters

– Removable gear cover at the bottom of the blender It is designed to be easy to clean up residual waste and easy to maintain.

The waste pipe is easier to clean.

The upper part of the waste discharge pipe Open and wider than other models in general, all problems with residues and easy to clean.

Upgrade tank cover

– The upgrade tank cover has been improved by assembling stronger and more stable parts.

– with the addition of a tank to be stronger and more durable than previous tanks

Shaft holder

By the 5th generation blender Will enhance the shape of the shaft holder (the screw part). There is also a change to extract water better than before

Clamp (a type of fixing metal)

The clamp will hold the blender jar to prevent rocking and also reinforce the inner material to prevent wear and tear.

Healthy Life Now, Healthy Life Tomorrow
Health for the future

For your good health For your valuable time, we have chosen and developed Kuvings Cold Press Extractor all the time and will develop products for your good health forever.

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