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kuvings KPB-351


Product details
Motor power: 1,700 watts
Blending power: 32,000 rounds per minute at maximum power of 3.5 HP
Voltage: 220 ~ 240V, 50 / 60Hz
Size: 213 mm x 237 mm x 517 mm
Weight: 4.38 kg.
Container jar: Maximum capacity 1,600 ml.
Separate jar capacity: Maximum mixing capacity: 1,600 ml, Maximum grinding capacity: 500 ml.
Container material: Made from polycarbonate, Tritan BPA-FREE material does not contain carcinogenic BPA
Blade: 3D, with 6 blades
Spin method: Spin at high speed
Button: Smoothie / Juice / Pause
Speed ​​setting: set the speed (1-10), set the spinning speed 2,000 rpm – 20,000 rpm as required
Maximum automation: Automatic (less than 2 minutes)
Protection system: Automatic protection system Prevents the motor from overheating and adding too many raw materials to fit properly
Ventilation system: Cold air system With a design to prevent the air and motor from overheating
Cleaning: Easy to clean
Made in the country: Korea
Motor warranty: 3 years

21,900 THB 9,900 THB